"Move" - New Album Coming Spring 2019!

At last, it’s almost, nearly, finally here! My new album “Move” is moving into the final stages of development! I’m so excited to share this record with the world. It feels to me the most comprehensive representation of myself as a guitarist and a musician. Largely, it’s a celebration of the guitar through various large scale and small scale arrangements. We have “Jiffy Jam” a wonderful groovy finger picking tune of Jerry Reed’s, Chick Corea’s “Spain”, various swing tunes, Latin numbers, folk songs and of course there is some classical thrown in for good measure. Expect guest performances, such as vocalist and pianist Duke Alexander. In short, my goal for this recording was to produce something that I would want to listen to. I think I’ve achieved that. I hope it will make you feel, and make you MOVE! Stay tuned for release dates. I’m grateful to Howler Monkey Records for their help.

Tom Gamble